Sales Agents FAQ

1Where is Smile Puzzles situated?
Our offices are in Cape Town and we have our warehouse is in Germiston, Johannesburg.
2Is there an agent start-up fee?
Once we approve you as an agent, we would like you to order R600.00 or more worth of stock with your new discount prices. This is to protect us from the general public and provide you with samples.
3How do I login as an agent?
Once approved we will email you a unique username and password. You will then have access to the discounted prices and payment gateway.
4Is there a minimum quantity for agents to order?
There are no minimum order quantities, but the delivery cost is R125.00 per agent order. It is often a good idea to put a few customer orders together to make it more cost effective. All transport costs you pay to us should be charged over to your customers.
5Will we have to buy our catalogues?
We will send you all of our beautifully illustrated catalogues with your first order. You can have up to 5 of each catalogue per order.
6Do we earn commission on sales? - how do we make money selling Smile products?
We are looking for motivated people to buy and resell our products at a profit. We do not operate on a commission basis.
7Do we only have to keep Smile products?
No, many of our top agents buy products from many different suppliers to sell to their customers.
8How do we go about re-selling Smile Products?
Most of our agents start selling our products to friends, family and their local networks. Our top agents have their own websites and their own agents working under them.
9What discount will I receive?
Our agents start on a discount structure of up to 40% off the retail prices marked on our website. Agents ordering in exes of R6000.00 monthly from us will receive a higher discount.
10How do I go about starting my own website?
Our website developer has excellent knowledge of our products and our customer needs. They will be able to get you started with your own online shop or website. Contact us for more information regarding this.
11Can I collect my own order or us my own courier service as an agent?
You are most welcome to collect your order or make use of your own couriers service. All orders are dispatched or collected from our warehouse in Germiston, Johannesburg. You simply choose the “Own Pickup” option when you do a wholesale order on the website.
12How do I order and pay for my order?
All orders and payments are done online wholesale portal for your convenience.
13How long does delivery of my order take?
Once we receive your order and payment, we will deliver to you, or directly to your customer. We use “The Courier Guy” and they take between 3-5 days nationwide.
14What happens if a product is out of stock and I have already paid for it?
We will do a full refund on the item out of stock or we will do a coupon credit for you. We also make it possible for you to order first and pay when the stock has been confirmed.
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