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Geometric Threading Beads – 48 Piece


Threading Beads + Laces 48pc

Our set features 48 assorted beads in 6 shapes and 4 colours plus 4 laces.

Ideal for fun activities including colour and shape recognition, sorting, sequencing, threading and counting.

Threading is a life skill which has many benefits for young children:
??Fine motor control?? the muscles of the hands and fingers are strengthened.
??Hand-eye coordination?? threading requires a good deal of eye-hand coordination which is necessary for most scholastic activities including drawing, cutting and sewing.
??Crossing the midline of the body?? because both hands are involved in threading activities, the child will need to cross the midline when threading.
??Visual perception?? while threading, children learns to sort and match according to colour and shape.

Instructions included in Afrikaans and English.

Age 3+.


In the packet
? 48 Assorted beads in 6 shapes and 4 colours
? 4 Laces



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